Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Turisas Song!

Monday was a good day. In the morning, Melanie was looking at Blabbermouth.net and found an amazing article about a fan-recorded video of Turisas playing one of the songs off of their new album (title TBA). They debuted the song at a show at Pakkahuone in Tampere, Finland, on October 29. The song is called "The March of the Varangian Guard." Enjoy.

"After a 16-month break from touring, focusing fully on the work on our third album," commented Mathias "Warlord" Nygård in the Blabbermouth article, "I'm happy to tell you that we're DONE!" The album, which was produced by Nygård, will hopefully be released in early 2011. We are all very excited to hear the rest of Turisas' new material.

Turisas, along with Nachtmystium and Daniel Lioneye, will be opening for Cradle of Filth on their North American Tour this upcoming February and March.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Halloween Show

Happy Halloween, everyone!

We had a great time putting on a special Halloween themed show this week. As per MetalOxide tradition, we played a copius amount of Gothic metal, but not exclusively; we also threw in some other sufficiently dark songs. The Gothic metal we played included songs from E Nomine, Type O Negative, and ThouShaltNot. I was able to find some dark and creepy stuff from Iced Earth and Tyr, and we had to play a sing from Nevermore, on account of the amazing show they played on Friday night.

News was great tonight! We talked about Lordi's new drummer, Blind Guardian and Blackguard playing on 70000 Tons of Metal (you can see all of the other bands and see other information regarding the cruise at http://www.70000tons.com). We also mentioned that Gwar is playing a show at the Rave in Milwaukee on Halloween, and you can watch it live at webcast.therave.com. Also, Cradle of Filth announced their upcoming tour dates (blabbermouth.net). If you read closely you can see the best part..................Turisas is opening for them!! Yes, news was truly epic tonight.

Our Halloween themed playlist from this week:
"Planet Hell" - Nightwish
"Halloween" - Helloween
"Mitternacht" - E Nomine
"If I Only Were a Goth" - ThouShaltNot
"Forsaken" - David Draiman (from Queen of the Damned)
"Im-Ho-Tep" - Iced Earth
"Ten Wild Dogs" - Tyr
"Black no. 1" - Type O Negative
"Lethargica" - Sirenia
"Emptiness Unobstructed" - Nevermore
"Cemetery and Sundown" - Cradle of Filth
"Original Sin" - Angtoria
"Lotus" - Tristania
"End of the Circle (Underworld Act II)" - Septic Flesh
"Blood Red Sandman" - Lordi
"Dances with Satan" - Theatres Des Vampires
"This is Halloween" - Marilyn Manson

See you all next week