The Beginning:
     Metal Oxide was brought into the world in 2005 by an eccentric man named Charles. The show was founded on a passion for the delicately darker edge of metal; gothic, symphonic, operatic, progressive, folk, etc.

The Growth:
     Charles was joined by Katie, the first female voice to the show. She introduced local Chicago metal to the show, began interviewing bands and artists on-air, and added a considerable collection of music.
     Rizzo joined the crew, and contributed a strong collection and knowledge of Black Metal and its sub-genres. While his stay was brief, his impact was everlasting.
     Katie recruited Rita, who in turn recruited TJ#1 (aka: Noob), Melanie, and TJ#2 (the TJ currently heard on Metal Oxide)

The Present:
     Metal Oxide has evolved to be your home for the best in Symphonic, Gothic, Folk, Heavy, Operatic, Power, Progressive, Black, Death, Industrial, Jazz: Metal from around the world. Our collection of music is constantly expanding, as metal is continuously evolving and reinventing itself.

The Future:
     ... is in your hands! Tell us what you want to hear, suggest new bands to us, send your band's music to us and come in for an interview! Email us!

'Old' - Hosts:
Where are they now? 
Charles: The math wiz and professional rambler is working on a Ph.D in Computer Science in Texas.
Rizzo: A dark master of mystery shows up from time to time...
Katie: Occasionally surprises us on the show! She's working in Chicagoland radio and can be heard on-air elsewhere on Star 96.7 and WRXQ.
Rita: Joins in the fun from time to time, and is currently working on a Master's Degree in "Random Crap" in Chicago.