Sunday, November 14, 2010

Show on Nov. 14

We had a regular show this week, no theme or anything. We didn't get any requests, so we just played what we wanted.

As far as news, Turisas has announced that their new album is called "Stand Up and Fight" and will be released on February 8 in the US. This is very exciting. Also, Korpiklaani announced that they have finished their new album, although they didn't say the name.

The playlist:
"Wishmaster" - Nightwish
"Ride Into Obsession" - Blind Guardian
"Stormrider" - Iced Earth
"Flag in the Ground" - Sonata Arctica
"Abigail" - King Diamond
"Chess With the Abyss" - Dimmu Borgir
"Absinthe and Faust" - Cradle of Filth
"Bittersweet Feast" - Nevermore
"The Gathering" - Delain
"Transitory" - After Forever
"Pauper of Souls" - Mael Mordha
"The Last With Pagan Blood" - Amon Amarth
"The Messenger" - Turisas
"Dragonheads" - Ensiferum
"Die Affensinsel" - Equilibrium
"Death and Healing" - Wintersun
"Vesainsen" - Korpiklaani
"A Riddle of Stars" - Elvenking
"Skirnir" - Falkenbach
"Immigrant Song" - Demons and Wizards


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