Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 23rd Show

Hey Everyone!

The show was really awesome this week. Although there wasn't a theme or anything special, I just think the playlist went really well. We only had one request, for "What Have You Done" by Within Temptation, which was great. Besides that, we just went off of the playlist that I thought up earlier.

For News, there wasn't much. Amon Amarth's new album "Surtur Rising" has been announced and the cover revealed; the cover art  is epic, by the way. And there was a very good piece of news tonight: Nergal, lead singer of Behemoth, was recently released from the hospital after a 6 month battle with leukemia. We are very thankful that he made it through ok.

The Playlist:
"The Phantom of the Opera" - Nightwish
"Dreaming Neon Black" - Nevermore
"Paragon Belial" - Darkthrone
"What Have You Done" - Within Temptation
"Champagne Bath" - Sonata Arctica
"Riders of the Storm" - Hammerfall
"Tanelorn" - Blind Guardian
"The Ancient Forest of Elves" - Luca Truilli
"The Lost Vikings" - Detklok
"The Beheading of a King" - Amon Amarth
"House of Sleep" - Amorphis
"Metsamies" - Korpiklaani
"Primordial Breath" - Eluveitie
"Keelhauled" - Alestorm
"Midnattens Widunder" - Finntroll
"Twilight Tavern" - Ensiferum
"Stand Up and Fight" - Turisas
"The Divided Heart" - Elvenking
"Krijgsvolk" - Heidevolk
"Eric the Red" - Tyr
"Awaken" - Dethklok
"For Those Who Have Died" - Cradle of  Filth

I hope you enjoyed the show,

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