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Review: Daniel Lioneye/Turisas/Nachtmystium/Cradle of Filth show, 2/20/11

Hello Everyone!

I first want to start off by apologizing for the tardiness of this post, college work got in it's way.

Anyways, the show was great, in every way. The line-up was Daniel Lioneye, Turisas, Nachtmystium, Cradle of Filth (in that order).

We missed the very beginning of Daniel Lioneye's set, but were there for most of it. They played a god show; the lead singer had a lot of energy and interacted with the crowd very well. Melanie loved seeing most of H.I.M. and wasn't at all disappointed when they didn't play the theme song for Viva la Bam. They just did a good job.

Turisas....well they didn't disappoint; in fact, they exceeded all of my expectations and played an amazing set. It was much shorter than I would have wanted (I wanted to see them headlining, but Cradle still played a great show) but it was still amazing. They only played one song, "Take the Day!", off of their new CD Stand Up and Fight. They played the classics like "To Holmgard and Beyond" (opener) and "Battle Metal" (closer); "In the Court of Jarisleif" (during which Mathias and Jussi were dancing and spinning around--it was great) and "One More" were also played. Mathias was very talkative with the crowd and promised to back in about a year. After their set, Ollie and Hannes were hanging out by their merch stand and Melanie and I were able to get pictures and talk to them a bit. I can't wait for them to come back!!

Nachtmystium also played a great set. I'm not sure what I was expecting from the "psychedelic" metal band, but they were really good. Also, the fact that they are from Wheaton, IL is awesome. They got a great reaction from the crowd and played a great set. Don't be surprised if you hear some of their stuff on the show sometime soon!

And Finally, Cradle of Filth, the headlining band. They played a great show too, and were a very good end to the evening. Dani was just as bouncy and energetic as always, and just a screechy. They played the great songs like "Nymphetamine" and "Under Huntress Moon", plus some of their older, classic stuff. They only played one song off of Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder and only one or two off of their new CD, Darkly Darkly Venus Aversa. And, of course, they ended with "From the Cradle to Enslave." Having suffered through a few line-up changes, they had two new members (compared to last time I saw them a couple years ago); Ashley 'Ellyllon' Jurgemeyer on keyboards/female vocals, and (Melanie absolute favorite member, back from obtaining his master's degree) James McIlroy on guitars. They both did a great job, and Melanie still can't get over how awesome he was.

Really, the only bad thing about the show was the 'scene-kiddy' crowd and an idiot who got WAY too into cradle who was trying to do some kind of moshy-headbangy-flaily-hitting-people-around-him thing near us.......yeah, he was an idiot. And, as always, there was the guy in the front against the railing who hated being pushed up against......always one of those.

All in all, it was a great show. All of the bands were great, we finally got see Turisas and chat with two of their members, and Melanie finally got to see her favorite member of Cradle of Filth. I'd go see any of these bands again!

Turisas: Ollie and Mathias

Turisas: Mathias, Tude, and Netta
Tuisas: Ollie, Tude, Mathias, and Netta

TJ with Ollie and Hannes from Turisas
Melanie with Ollie and Hannes from Turisas
Cradle of Filth: James
Hope you enjoyed this review,

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  1. I enjoyed this review. And the pictures! Hope you guys post more reviews of upcoming shows.