Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Patrick's Night!

Hello and happy St. Patrick's everyone!

Yes, I know it's not St. Patrick's day yet, but it is as far as Metal Oxide is concerned. Tonight I brought you the best of metal drinking songs. Of course, there was a lot of Korpiklaani, a few Alestorm, Tyr and Ensiferum, along with much more. There was only one request, which was for Primordial. I hope you enjoyed the playlist as much as I did!

There was almost no news in the metal world this week. Tyr will be releasing their new CD, The Lay of Thrym, on May 27 (yay!). But there was a sad comment from Cradle of Filth. They said that, due to the recession, it is becoming harder and harder for European bands to tour in the US, so there might be fewer of such bands touring in the future. This makes me very sad and I hope that it does not come true.

This weeks playlist of Irish and drinking songs:
"Wanderlust" - Nightwish
"Let's Drink" - Korpiklaani
"Wenches and Mead" - Alestorm
"The Wild Rover" - Tyr
"In the Court of Jarisleif" - Turisas
"One More Magic Potion" - Ensiferum
"Tequila" - Korpiklaani
"That Famous Ol' Spiced" - Alestorm
"Those Were the Days" - Turisas
"Olavur Riddaros" - Tyr
"Beer Beer" - Korpiklaani
"The Cruel Sea" - Primordial
"Vodka" - Korpiklaani
"Nancy the Tavern Wench" - Alestorm
"Champagne Bath" - Sonata Arctica
"The Very Wild Rover" - Cruachan
"Bring Us Pints of  Beer" - Korpiklaani
"Brennivin" - Tyr
"Det Iskalla Trollblodet" - Finntroll
"Twilight Tavern" - Ensiferum
"Happy Little Boozer" - Korpiklaani
"Green Dragon" - Battlelore
"Pakanajuhla" - Moonsorrow
"One More" - Turisas
"Some Say the Devil is Dead" - Cruachan

See you all next week,

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