Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1st show

Hey Everyone,

This week was boring compared to last week, but it was still as fun as ever. We had a couple requests, for Emperor and Tristania, and the rest was up to us. It was a good night for Metal Oxide.

As far as news didn't really. We talked about Cory Taylor, of Slipknot, being the new vocalist for Velvet Revolver (I know, that's how desperate for news we were...) and a new interview with Heri from Tyr. Their new album is coming out on May 17th, so that;s good news.

Now, the playlist from this week's show:
"Wish I Had an Angel" - Nightwish
"White Pearl, Black Oceans..." - Sonata Arctica
"Traveler in Time" - Blind Guardian
"Genocide" - Hammerfall
"Cemetery and Sundown" - Cradle of Filth
"Pale Enchantress" - Tristania
"I Am the Black Wizard" - Emperor
"Silent Night, Bodom Night" - Children of Bodom
"Thunderhorse" - Dethklok
"Hard Rock Hallelujah" - Lordi
"Silver Bride" - Amorphis
"Vargtimmen" - Finntroll
"Unbesiegt" - Equilibrium
"Inis Mona" - Eluveitie
"The New Dawn" - Ensiferum
"Death Before the Mast" - Alestorm
"Paljon on Koskessa Kivia" - Korpiklaani
"Hail to the Hammer" - Tyr
"For Those Who Have Died" - Cradle of Filth

See you next week!

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