Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hey Everyone,

Nothing really happened this week. I only got a couple requests and there wasn't really any news. The playlist was good I think, though. I brought back the Mayhem with "Deathrcush" and Otyg with "Backahasten." Besides that It was more of the usual. I think it was a very good playlist, and despite being alone a very good show.

News was just Nightwish added top the lineup for 70000 Ton of Metal, and Mark from Epica talking about how his new project, Mayan, is similar to Epica. That is not surprising considering that everyone in Mayan is from Epic, After Forever, or  Delain. I'm excited to see how it turns out though.

This week's playlist:
"The End of All Hope" - Nightwish
"Tanelorn" - Blind Guardian
"War of the Universe" - Luca Turilli
"Dont Say a Word" - Sonata Arctica
"They Only Come out a Night" - Lordi
"The Chosen Legacy" - Dimmu Borgir
"Deathcrush" - Mayhem
"Northern Comfort" - Children of Bodom
"Midnight Walker" - Norther
"The Lost Vikings" - Dethklok
"March of Mephisto" - Kamelot
"Deconstruct" - Epica
"The Obsidian Conspiracy" - Nevermore
"Battle Metal" - Turisas
"Smoking Ruins" - Ensiferum
"Backahasten" - Otyg
"Fields of the Fallen" - Tyr
"The IXth Legion" - Suidakra
"Kittledags" - Finntroll
"Shipwrecked" - Alestorm
"My Kantele" - Amorphis
"Slania's Song" - Eluveitie
"Midsummer Night" - Korpiklaani
"Barbara Ann" - Blind Guardian

See you next week, Melanie will be back!!

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