Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 24th show

Hey all,

This week's show was just you average, normal show. We  played metal. I just chose songs that I felt were good and played them. We got one request for Cradle of Filth which made Melanie very happy, but that was about it. As usual, it was a great show.

For news, we just had a continuation of the Nevermore drama as Jeff Loomis broke his silence and commented on some of hings being said. He doesn't seem to have any hard feelings, which is always a good  thing.

This week's playlist:
"Dead to the World" - Nightwish
"When Sorrow Sang" - Blind Guardian
"Shamandalie" - Sonata Arctica
"Let the Hammer Fall" - Hammefall
"Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids" - Cradle of Filth
"Deathcrush" - Mayhem
"Babel's Gate" - Septic Flesh
"Bodom After Midnight" - Children of Bodom
"Once Upon a Time" - Kamelot
"Frozen" - Delain
"Black Dragon" - Luca Turilli
"Death in Fire" - Amon Amarth
"Shaman" - Amorphis
"Slavsya Rus" - Arkona
"Korpiklaani" - Korpiklaani
"Ahti" - Ensiferum
"Blacksmith" - Kivimetsan Druidi
"The IXth Legion" - Suidakra
"Solsagan" - Finntroll
"Krijgsvolk" - Heidevolk
"Keelhauled" - Alestorm
"Sinklars Visa" - Tyr
"Rasputin" - Turisas

See you next week!

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