Sunday, March 4, 2012

Slow Song night - Prerecorded

Hey everyone,

I'm not feeling well this week, so Metal Oxide will be the slow-themed show from a couple years ago. I hope you enjoy it. There will be a usual show next week.

Here is the playlist:
"Creek Mary's Blood" - Nightwish
"Nightfall" - Blind Guardian
"The Boy Who Wanted to be a Real Puppet" - Sonata Arctica
"Go Into the Water" - Deathklok
"Love's Tragedy Asunder" - Demons and Wizards
"The Ravens" - Tristania
"The Sorrowed Man" - Nvermore
"My Choice" - After Forever
"Embrace the Endless Ocean" - Amon Amarth
"Slavsya Rus" - Arkona
"Leave's Eyes" - Leave's Eyes
"Tuulen Koti, Aaltojen Koti" - Moonsorrow
"To the End of Days" - Alestorm
"Nokken" - Lumsk
"Sleeping Stars" - Wintersun
"Elegy" - Amorphis
"Hail to the Hammer" - Tyr
"Lady in Black" - Ensiferum

See you next week,

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