Sunday, April 10, 2011

Battle Night!! 4/10/11

Hello Everyone!

Last week's unofficial theme night was so much fun that we realized how much we missed doing theme nights! (official ones) so we decided to do one for you this week. This week's theme is BATTLE. With a great mix of all the genres we play, we played such songs as "Into Battle" by Ensiferum, "Valkyries" by Blind Guardian, "Architecture of a Genocidal Nature" by Cradle of Filth, and much more. We chose this theme because there is a lot that can qualify for 'battle': there are songs about fighting itself, war in general, mythic conflicts, genocide, and so on. We are really happy with how it turned out and I hope you all enjoyed it.

News was kind of short this week, as usual. Amon Amarth playing at the Bottom Lounge on Thursday, April 14, Rhapsody of Fire's vocalist began touring with Kamelot, and it is going well, Septic Flesh's new album is coming out on April 19, and Swashbuckle got a new drummer. Of course, for more metal news, feel free to visit

This week's battle-themed playlist!
"End of All Hope" - Nigtwish
"Into Battle" - Ensiferum
"Valkyries" - Blind Guardian
"Battle Metal" - Turisas
"Persepolis" - Septic Flesh
"Architecture of a Genocidal Nature" - Dimmu Borgir
"Tonight in Flames" - Cradle of Filth
"Set Sail and Conquer" - Alestorm
"Shattering Swords" - Suidakra
"Storm the Gates of Alesia" - Ex Deo
"War of the Gods" - Amon Amarth
"War of the Universe" - Luca Turilli
"Trollhammaren" - Finntroll
"Genocide" - Hammerfall
"Blood is the Price of Glory" - Ensiferum
"Flag in the Ground" - Sonata Arctica
"Battle Against Time" - Wintersun
"Ragnarok" - Tyr
"Broadsword" - Turisas

I hope you enjoyed this week's theme show!

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