Sunday, April 17, 2011

Show from 4/17/11

Hello Everyone!

The show went very well this week. There was no theme, and even though there were no requests, I still enjoyed playing the music that was originally selected for the playlist. There was a perfect mix of Folk metal and the other genres. I played some bands that I'm not able to play as much I as I want to sometimes: Mayhem, Moonsorrow, Kamelot, etc. And over all, it was just a good playlist.

News was a little short this week. Nevermore has dropped out of the upcoming North American Tour that originally featured Symphony X, Soilwork, Blackguard, and Nevermore, but now only consists of Blackguard and Symphony X. Nevermore dropped out for as of yet undisclosed reasons. Leave's Eye's released the video for their new cover, "To France". And Children of Bodom will be touring in North America in the middle of the summer, and will be playing at the House of Blues on July 6. As always, these and more Metal news stories can be found at

This Week's Playlist:
"Bless This Child" - Nightwish
"The Ancient Forest of Elves" - Luca Turilli
"Carry the Blessed Home" - Blind Guardian
"Follow the Reaper" - Children of Bodom
"Nymphetamine" - Cradle of Filth
"Deathcrush" - Mayhem
"The Sacrilegious Scorn" - Dimmu Borgir
"March of Mephisto" - Kamelot
"Force the Shore" - Epica
"Shamandalie" - Sonata Arctica 
"Frozen Angel" - Norther
"For Victory or Death" - Amon Amarth
"Uis Elveti" - Eluveitie
"Verivala" - Kivimetsan Druidi
"Midnattens Widunder" - Finntroll
"Isle of Skye" - Suidakra
"Fields of Gold" - Turisas
"Skirnir" - Falkenbach
"Elusive Reaches" - Ensiferum
"Pirate Song" - Alestorm
"PakanaJuhla" - Moonsorrow
"Ramund hin Unge" - Tyr
"To France" - Leave's Eyes

See you next week!

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